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Sunday, 31 August 2008



My gosh, Kerry, but you're a strong person!

I'm praying your favorite nurse will be there for you next time.

God bless,


Kerry, I admire your brave spirit and I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

My son was diagnosed with Crohn's last year, after nearly dying from a massive internal infection thanks to the misdiagnosis of another health crisis at a TN Valley hospital (name of drs. & hospital withheld to protect the guilty.) He eventually ended up at UAB where a team of doctors literally saved his life. Six very difficult months after his first ER visit, he finally began to make progress toward regaining his strength.

I'm wondering if you'd mind sharing the name of your dr. at UAB? Also, do you see a GI dr. locally or make the trip to UAB for all medical care? Finally, do you see a GP/Family Practive dr. in the TN Valley area, and if so, is he/she familiar with Crohn's?

Thanks, and may God bless you -
from a R.C. mom in Bama

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